Reports from the Field

Giuseppe Cespedes in Ilhėus, Brasil
The scent of the sea passes through my balcony where I have stationed my laptop because the ethernet cable that I use to connect to the internet comes from the house across the street. It's my third day in my new apartment in Pontal, a quiet neighborhood in Ilhėus. After ten days of hosteling and dining out, it feels good to have my own place; especially because I have a kitchen to cook my own meals.
Melissa Chedid - Snowy Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
The weather in Bulgaria over the past month has been extremely... extreme. Schools were closed for basically a total of two weeks because of weather conditions with road blocks and floods in certain parts of the country. Stara Zagora is said to have mild weather - four seasons, kind of like New Jersey I guess - with snow disappearing the day after it arrives. This winter, of course, was different.
Glenn Poole - Tearing his hair out!
The Ausländerbehörde is where non-Germans go in Germany to ask permission to stay in Germany. In other words, it's where I had to go to apply for a visa, or more specifically an "Aufenthaltserlaubnis", or short-term residency permit. Now, I've heard a thing or two about German Ordentlichkeit. I've even learned a thing or two about it during my time here. But nothing prepared me for that happened on November 10th, 2011.
Diana Won in Bucaramanga, Colombia
This week was the “Feria Bonita” of Bucaramanga. Every year they have their city-wide fair in September to help celebrate the “Dia de Amor y Amistad” (the colombian day of love and friendship – kind of like Valentine’s Day). They had a big convention center open all week with different kinds of artisanal handicrafts and livestock.