Nineteen Fulbright Grants . . . And Still Counting!

Charles HornstraFor the fourth consecutive year graduating seniors and recent graduates from Rutgers have been awarded more Fulbright Grants than ever before in the university’s history. Next year 19 Rutgers’ students will be living abroad as Fulbright Grantees in Azerbaijan, Colombia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Spain, Thailand and the United Kingdom.  16 of them will be working as English Teaching Assistants and 3 will be pursuing their own independent research while overseas.  And this record-breaking number is likely to grow still higher in the coming weeks since the 7 Rutgers’ Fulbright finalists in Turkey are still waiting to hear the outcome of their candidacies.

There are many reasons for this continuing success, not least among them is simply that each year more and more Rutgers’ students are applying for Fulbright and more and more of those who apply are making it to the Fulbright finals (see our “by the numbers” section). This past fall, for instance, 93 Rutgers students applied for Fulbright and from these 39 were recommended to their host country as finalists, a level of participation and success also never before reached at Rutgers. No wonder the mantra of the Office of Distinguished Fellowships seems to be, “Can’t win if you don’t try, and if you do try, just might win.”

However, no matter how many of our students are willing to take on the hard work of applying (not to mention the risk of being disappointed by what is a demanding competition), numbers alone can’t tell the whole story of the recent up-surge in Fulbright recipients at Rutgers. A large portion of the credit must go to the 35 faculty Fulbright advisers who, over the past four years, have given freely of themselves and their time to make sure that all Rutgers’ candidates and their applications go forward to Fulbright in the best shape possible. It is absolutely no exaggeration to insist that we couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks.

Listed alphabetically below are the 19 students who have so far been recognized as Fulbright Grantees, matched with their country, type of award, and faculty Fulbright adviser:

Carly Aulicky, United Kingdom, Research, John Wilkin
Megan Blazak, Poland, ETA, Barry Qualls
Samia Bouzid, Spain, ETA, Ruth Chang
Joshua David, Thailand, ETA, Douglas Blair  
Alex Firsichbaum, Germany, ETA, Daniel Hoffman
Joseph Galaro, Germany, Research, Judit Ward
Richard Garzon, Colombia, ETA, Art Casciato
Angel Gutierrez, Poland, ETA, Janine Calogero
Munir Harb, Poland, ETA, Lily Young
Max Hoyt, Azerbaijan, ETA, Art Casciato
Murtaza Husain, India, Research, Barbara Cooper
Tara Kousha, Indonesia, ETA, Art Casciato
Lillyan Ling, Bulgaria, ETA, Art Casciato, Barry Qualls
Sherylanne Meisner, Germany, ETA, Art Casciato
Ashley Park, Korea, ETA, Art Casciato
Adeeb Syed, Malaysia, ETA, Joe Consoli
Michelle Tong, Korea, ETA, Helane Rosenberg
Benjamin West, Korea, ETA, Meghan Gelardi-Holmes
Cecile Yama, Korea, ETA, Paul Hammond