Goldwater Recipient Named Rutgers’ Third Churchill Scholar Ever!

David Kolchmeyer, a senior Physics major from East Brunswick, New Jersey, recently became Rutgers’ third Churchill Scholar and in doing so demonstrated the royal road to success in the competition for national fellowships:  Start early and keep trying!

As a sophomore Kolchmeyer applied for the Goldwater Scholarship but was not nominated; as a junior he applied again, was selected to be one of Rutgers’ four nominees, and won. “Winning a Goldwater Scholarship is a significant benchmark going forward,” said Arthur D. Casciato, director of the Office of Distinguished Fellowships. “David Kolchmeyer was absolutely a deserving candidate for the Churchill with or without his Goldwater, but there’s no doubt that the Churchill selection committee looks long and hard at any candidate who has already been so honored.” Indeed, of the 14 Churchill Scholars selected nationally for 2014-2015, 8 had previously been named Goldwater Scholars.

Administered by the Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States, the Churchill Scholarship funds a year of graduate study at Cambridge University by United States students in the sciences, engineering and mathematics.  Kolchmeyer will do a Master of Advanced Studies (MASt) in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in order to prepare for his future research in high energy phenomenology.  Dr. Peter C. Patrikis, Executive Director of the Churchill Foundation, said that, “The Churchill Foundation is proud to be able to support a young scientist like David Kolchmeyer, who brings credit to his professors and to Rutgers and who joins a distinguished group of theoretical physicists who have been Churchill Scholars.”

In addition to Rutgers, this year’s Churchill Scholars represent Amherst College, Georgia Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Pomona College, Princeton University, University of Arizona, University of Massachusetts/Amherst, University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, University of Wisconsin/Madison and Williams College.

The Churchill Scholarship was first awarded in 1963, and the two previous Churchill Scholars from Rutgers were John Maffei in 1967 and Simon Gordonov in 2010.  For more information about Rutgers’ latest Churchill Scholar, please consult : and For more information about the Churchill Scholarship itself, please see: